Rotary Drum Granulator-Fertilizer Pellet Mill

Our rotary drum granulator is used to produce multinutrient fertilizers (complex fertilizer), for example binary (NP, NK, PK) fertilizers and NPK fertilizers. Raw materials, such as ammonia, phosphate, nitrogen solution, sulphate phosphate slurry, triple superphosphate(TSP) slurry etc., can be added in the rotary drum to produce chemical reaction. Materials rotate in the drum, cohere with each other, and are turned into compound fertilizer granules at a certain temperature and humidity, accomplishing the whole compound fertilizer production process. It is usually used in compound fertilizer production line, with a high output rate, such as our 100,000 tons/year compound fertilizer production line, to meet the requirements of high yield production.

rotary drum granulator and compound fertilizer granules


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